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El Salvador 2019!  February 15-22 we will be taking our 7th annual El Salvador Mission Trip.  We will be going back to, Los Naranjos.  We are so excited to continue building a relationship with our town.  We will be doing work projects, running a medical clinic, and running Young Life clubs in the town.  

We will be joining up with Syracuse East, Rochester East, and Buffalo North Young Life. Altogether we will take 200 students and adult leaders on what has been a long standing trip for these areas.  I feel blessed and excited that we are able to partner with these areas and provide kids with what will be a life changing experience. 
On this trip we will have a great deal to offer the people who live in Los Naranjos, a rural town in El Salvador Over the past few years this trip has provided two new wells for clean drinking water, bikes and trucks for transportation, medical and school supplies, as well as a new Young Life ministry for kids in Los Naranjos The scope of this trip goes well beyond what we have to offer the people of Los Naranjos.  I can honestly say that what we give is very small when compared to what we are given.  We are given a new perspective on money, poverty, friendship, family, faith, thankfulness, and in reality a new perspective on life. 


El Salvador Parents Informational Meeting

We will hold a parent informational meeting on Sunday, September 9th from 7:30-8:30 
At Dr. Jerry and Jen Lauria's House 42 Silent Meadow Ln. Orchard Park

El Salvador Meetings (location TBA)

Sunday, October 7th 7-9pm
Sunday, November 4th 7-9pm
Sunday, December 2nd 7-9pm
Sunday, January 13th 7-9pm
Packing Meeting and Pre-Trip Parent meeting: Sunday, February 10th 2-4pm packing 4-5pm parent meeting

El Salvador Applications

El Salvador Applications are due Friday, September 21st, 2018

El Salvador Application​


*If you would like to help, please click on the links below to view our medical and school supply needs.*

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Links for those going on the trip:

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